BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile

Gain a solid understanding of the concepts and values of Agile by challenging conventional methods and thinking.

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About the course

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This Agile certificate will answer the questions: What is Agile? What is Agile working? And how can I embed Agile into my organisation? This certification will equip candidates with knowledge that can be applied in a variety of situations and promotes effective working within any Agile team.

What will I learn?

You’ll gain a broad understanding of agile including:
Why Agile?
The factors that drive Agile adoption
The Agile Manifesto in detail
The Agile mindset
Roles in Agile teams
Common Agile practices
The practical application of Agile

Who is it for?

Business and IT professionals who are interested in Agile practices and the Agile methodology.

Anyone requiring an understanding of Agile as well as organisational leaders and managers wanting to understand the value of Agile practices.

Those who work in an Agile environment, including software testers, developers, product owners, business analysts and Scrum masters.

Exam format

One hour ‘closed book’ with 40 multiple choice questions

Pass mark is 65% (26/40)


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Course Lessons

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