BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

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Online self-paced course

Let's take a look at the syllabus...

The following syllabus areas are covered in the course...
  • Define Requirements Approach and Project Scope
  • Elicit Requirements 
  • Record Requirements (Documentation) 
  • Build Models and Prototypes to Represent the Requirements 
  • Collaborate and Communicate with Stakeholders to Clarify Requirements 
  • Analyse, Prioritise and Assure the Quality of Requirements
  • Conduct User analysis and Profiling 
  • Requirements Management and Traceability 

Frequently asked questions

Who is it for?

This practitioner certificate is designed for people who want to gain an understanding of the role that business, customer and requirements play within professional business contexts.

Suitable for business analysts, project managers, systems analysts, product owners, product managers and those involved in business change processes and/or projects.

What will I learn?

This certificate was updated (July 2021) as a part of our aim to continuously improve the quality of learning within our professional certifications. This update allows BCS to remain at the forefront of best practice industry standards for professional certifications. In the updated BCS Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering you’ll learn how to take a systematic approach to eliciting, defining, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements.

The certificate includes:

The Requirements Engineering Framework
How to elicit requirements and techniques to use
How to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders in the requirements process
How to write a user story
Best practice approaches to document requirements
How to manage requirements
Validating, prioritising and quality assurance in the requirements process
Analysing and evaluation of requirements

Entry requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this certification.
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